Two times yearly the Costa Rican South Pacific region receives a spectacular group of amazing visitors: the Humpback Whales. 
Osa is one of the preferred spots for these giant and lovely mammals, if you are interested in whales watching we have the perfect tour for you. 
There are two different migrations during the year, whales coming from the North stay here from December to April, and the others coming from the South stay from July to October.
Whale watching is impressive for the mind of people who have the possibility to live the experience; whales come here looking for mate and birth their calves; looking for the love of female whales, males compete, sometimes with physically fending. Part of the courtship ritual are spectacular jumps out of the water, elaborated bubble displays and sounds like songs, all these to exhibit their abilities and make fall in love some pretty female.
During the tour sea turtles, dolphins, stingrays, and other marine life are commonly seen out in the water. The tour also includes some time for snorkeling.
Enjoy the whale watching tour in Osa, If you see them you´ll never forget us!
Departure / Return Place Marino Ballena National Park, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.
Departure time Morning or Afternoon
Duration Around 3 hours
Clothing Comfortable clothing, hat, shoes, sunglasses, camera, sun block and swimsuit.
Guide and National Park Ticket Tropical fruits.
Water (Please bring your bottle to fill)  Snorkeling Equipment
Not Included
Lodging (available by reservation)
Costa Rican Residents $50
Foreigns $70

Whales Watching

Looking for whales we departure from the Marino Ballena National Park there are 2 seasons, a very good from July to October and another from December to March.

Snorkeling and Free time

Its possible to swim and snorkeling depending climate conditions


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