The Térraba Sierpe Mangrove is the largest expanse of virgin mangrove forest in the Central American region, located on the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica, specifically in the Diquis Valley,

Is largest than 49,000 acres of mangrove forests and flooded forests, full of exuberant biodiversity: over 800 species of birds, such as ospreys, red barnacles and tiger herons, reptiles such as crocodiles or alligators, coatis, raccoons, squirrels, Highlighting among them the four species of monkey that exist in Costa Rica which are the capuchin or carablanca, the howler, squirrel and the spider, all residents of this enormous ecosystem, some passage species or others endemic and unique in the world.

Due to its importance to the planet, it was declared as a RAMSAR site, this for the variety of flora and fauna both aquatic and terrestrial and for being a place of reproduction for important species of the terrestrial ecosystem.

It is represented by a forest ecosystem, which is flooded periodically by the action of the tides and where there is an appropriate supply of sludge, rich in organic matter.

Surrounded by the waters of the River Sierpe, the variety of flora and fauna, both aquatic and terrestrial observed on the route , leaves us surprised with its beauty.

Leaving from the village of Sierpe, the main entrance to the Corcovado National Park, enjoy all that there is, and navigate the waters of the Sierpe river, take a tour through the mangrove forest and discover all the life that host this beautiful place.

Discovering the majestic beauty of this place,  will be a memorable experience.

Departure / Return Place Sierpe of Osa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Departure time There are 2 hours of departure at 8:00 am or at 7:00 pm (Please arrive 20 minutes before)
Return time Around 11:30 am / 10:00 pm
Clothing Comfortable clothing, long sleeve shirt, hat, sandals, sunglasses, camera, sunblock and swimsuit.
Guide Water and tropical fruits.
Not Included
 Transportation to Sierpe (available by reservation)
Lodging (available by reservation)
  • Flexibility of schedules, departure/return times can be established by customer convenience, usually the trip can be performed in the morning, afternoon and evening.

8 am / 7 pm Transport

Departure from Sierpe to Manglar Terraba Sierpe
  • Departure at 8 am from Sierpe, it is recommended to be 20 minutes earlier.
  • Ready for the adventure, the guide will be waiting for you .

8 am - 11 am / 7 pm - 10 pm: Terraba Sierpe Mangrove

During the tour you can appreciate the beautiful mangrove flora and fauna, where you will be surrounded by the singing of many birds in the area.
  • Through the waters of the mangrove you can enjoy the natural beauty of this area, if you carry an adventurous spirit inside, we assure you an enriching experience.

11 am / 10 pm: Return from the mangrove to Sierpe

  • Return to Sierpe to finish the tour.
  • During the return trip you will appreciate the mangrove wildlife,  be sure that the memory of this beautiful place will remain in your memories.