The stone spheres in Costa Rica are unique in the world, and are located in the Diquis Valley in the South Pacific of the country, they represent a valuable cultural and historical legacy that inherited  the originate communities who inhabited this paradise region to the present generations.

Recently the sites with stone spheres, were declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, in total there were four archaeological sites of the Diquis Valley included in this declaration: Archaeological Site Finca 6, Grijalba, Batambal and El Silencio Site where it is located the largest sphere discovered in the world.

Visiting the sites with stone spheres in Costa Rica is a unique experience, since this attraction is found in very few places in the world.

Both in their preparation and in their transport, are enigmas enclosed that challenge the imagination, and many explanations, even mythological, have been elaborated to explain its origin and confection.

Also it is  possible to observe spheres in the indigenous communities of Boruca and Curré, as well as Caño Island (considered as a sacred place by the indigenous peoples who inhabited the Diquis Valley)

Nowadays the descendants of the ethnic group Boruca, are proud of these particular archaeological expressions that show the cultural development that had their ancestors.

Discover with us the valuable historical and cultural legacy inherited by the ancient indigenous civilization in the south of Costa Rica, specifically in the majestic Diquis Valley in Osa.

Departure / Return Place Tours in Osa office in Palmar Norte of Osa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Departure time There are 2 times of departure to enjoy the tour at 8 am or 2 pm
Return time Around 11:30 am or 5:30 pm
Clothing Comfortable clothing, long sleeve shirt, hat, walking shoes, sunglasses and sunscreen.
Guide Snacks, water tropical fruits.
Tickets to the Museum Transport from Palmar to the Spheres and back to Palmar
Not Included
Lodging (available by reservation)


8 am or 2 pm Transport

Departure from Palmar to the Museum of Finca 6 home of the Stone Spheres
  • Departure at 8:00 am from Palmar, it is recommended to be 10 min before.
  • A private vehicle accompanied by your tour guide, will pick you up in the waiting room of our office and take you to the archaeological site of Finca 6, along a historic route through some of the oldest buildings and places in the area.


20 min after: Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

  • You will arrive at the Museum of Finca 6, where you will begin the journey of approximately 2 hours by the facilities of the place and you will be able to walk towards the original alignments formed by the spheres of stone, you will be able to see the place where the ceremonies of Burials were and the ruins of old constructions.
  • During the tour enjoy a plate of tropical fruits accompanied by birdsong, abundant vegetation and mystical stone spheres.

10 am or 4 pm: Batambal

Departure from the archaeological Site of Finca 6 to Batambal
  • A private vehicle will take you to the archaeological site named Batambal, which is located on the top of a mountain in the foothills of the mountain range El Retinto, place used for ceremonial and military surveillance purposes.
  • Appreciate in the place an important Archaeological heritage and let yourself fall in love with the beautiful views it offers, also  you can see there views from the Valley of the Diquis, to the mouth of the Rio Grande de Térraba in the Pacific Ocean.


11 am / 5 pm: Transport

Departure from Batambal to the office of Tours in Osa
  • After having enjoyed one of the most beautiful and richest places in the South Pacific Coast, we are ready to return to our office of Tours in Osa in Palmar.