Observing what happens in the jungle during the night, usually hidden to human eyes, is for the traveler who has the opportunity to live this adventure, an experience of particular characteristics.
An important number of living creatures in the rainforest are nocturnal, making the watching of nightlife wildlife an exciting and magical event.

Fireflies, moths, butterflies, birds, bats, iguanas, frogs, spiders, snakes, and crocodiles, can be observed commonly during the tour, it is also possible to see less frequently wild cats and other species of animals.
Of special mention among the diverse nocturnal fauna of Osa, is the famous arboreal red-eyed frog, which is one of the most symbolic amphibians of Costa Rica, is a unique species for its bright colors and its appearance.

We are lucky in our heavenly place, that we have these enchanting creatures living here; they are a treasure that traveler discovers on the nightlife wildlife tour. The atmosphere of the jungle at night with its sounds and expressions of life, stimulate the senses and its charm never fails to amaze the travelers and guides alike.

Resident and knowledgeable naturalist guides, will take you into a world you may never have imagined.
During the activity, the guide will reveal interesting aspects of the nocturnal activity in the tropical forest.

Departure/Arrive Sierpe, Osa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Departure time Starting from 4 pm
Tour length 3 hours
Clothing Comfortable clothing, walking shoes and camera.
Not Included
Lodging (available by reservation)