Sites with Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

Stone spheres of Costa Rica

The stone spheres in Costa Rica are unique in the world, and are found in the majority of the Diquis Valley in the South Pacific of the country, represent a valuable cultural and historical legacy that inherited the present generations from the originate communities that inhabited this paradisaical region.

Newly the sites with stone spheres of the Diquis Valley were declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, in total there were four archaeological sites included in this declaration: Archaeological Site of Finca 6, Grijalba, Batambal and El Silencio where it is located the biggest sphere discovered in the world.

Visiting the sites with stone spheres in Costa Rica is a unique experience, since this attraction is found in very few places in the world. Their preparation and their transport, are enigmas that challenge the imagination, and many explanation, even mythological, have been elaborated to explain its origin and confection.

Research by archaeologists, especially those of the National Museum of Costa Rica, explain that these monuments of the pre-Columbian era were used for political and ceremonial reasons, magical interpretations have been discarded and its elaboration is attributed emphatically to the originative people that inhabited the region of the  Diquis Valley.

Other scholars point out that these stone spheres demonstrate the mastery of the mathematics of the inhabitants of the Diquis Valley, since the concept of sphere is one of the most complex mathematical concepts.

It is also possible to observe spheres in the indigenous communities of Boruca and Curré, as well as Caño Island (considered as a sacred place by the indigenous peoples who inhabited the Diquis Valley)

Today the descendants of the ethnic group Boruca, are proud of these particular archaeological expressions, that show the cultural development that had their ancestors.


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