Osa is a magical destination, where nature abounds, you´ll find here countless animals of all species, including a large number of birds, making it an ideal place for birders. Is a magical destination because it houses attractions that bewitch its visitors, leaving in them an indelible mark of their experience in this paradise.

Stand out in this destination of the Costa Rican South Pacific Region: the Corcovado National Park, Caño Island, Drake, the Terraba-Sierpe Mangrove, the Diquis Valley (Stone spheres – Humanity Heritage), the carving of masks at Boruca (the indigenous community), beaches, waterfalls and more.

It is possible to reach Osa by land or by air, several airlines regularly travel to the aerodromes of Drake, Puerto Jimenez, Palmar Sur and Golfito.
If it is by air (45 mins) a fabulous spectacle is the observation of the sea and the mountains with their rivers reaching the beach.
If it is by road (4 hours) is a portentous experience the observation of the landscape that accompanies Route 34, called Pacifica Fernández or Costanera.

Tourist services in this destination are provided mainly by small family businesses, that are distinguished by the cordial form of being Costa Rican. Pura Vida!
This kind treatment impresses the product with the seal of the good Costa Rican tourist service.

In Osa there are hotels for every budget and preference, there are also various adventure activities in the place: in Corcovado Park it is possible to hike, enjoy beautiful beaches, watch birds, observe nature and perceive the magic of the place with greater Biodiversity of the planet.

Isla del Caño is simply beautiful, in this place you can snorkel, dive, practice sport fishing, observe dolphins, observe humpback whales (during their period of migration to the waters of the Costa Rican South Pacific). Also there are in the island stone spheres, whose size challenge the imagination of the tourist, to conceive the form of transport used to mobilize them across the ocean.

The tour in the Sierpe mangroves, allows the traveler to observe and enjoy the rich wildlife that exists in the place.

Visiting the indigenous community of Boruca, Batambal and sites with stone spheres is another experience that should not be missing in the itinerary of the visitor to Osa.

The gastronomy is also of highlight, since here the tourist can enjoy both dishes representative of Costa Rican cuisine and the best expressions of international cuisine.


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