In the Talamanca mountains, in the southern part of Costa Rica, the Borucas indigenous people, still live a relative isolated life.
Their daily life reflects a self-sustaining agricultural village, nowadays the tourism visiting to the community had create a new economic source.

The indigenous community of Boruca stands out in Costa Rica for the struggle to recover its culture; more than a decade ago, leaders of the community, called the elders, decided to recover their traditions and their language, thus initiating a determined process to counter the influence of foreign cultures that according to some residents were destroying their own, an example commented by them is the case of some young people were wearing masks of “comics” heroes for the “Fiesta de los Diablitos”.

As the process of cultural recovery consolidated, the community of Boruca proudly exhibit a series of skills in the fabric of woven garments, the carving of masks, painting, artistic presentations and others, all around the rich history, traditions and legends which are preserved by this respectable indigenous people.

In the present a large number of respectful visitors, come to the community of Boruca to learn about their history and appreciate the art based on their rich traditions and expressed in different forms. Of special mention is the celebration of the Diablitos Festival that takes place every year.

The Litle Evils Festival evokes the struggle against the Spanish conquerors, unlike the Chorotegas who appealed to their military force, the borucas used the masks, to frighten the superstitious spanish soldiers successfully resisting the clash of the conquest, nowadays this is one of the indigenous communities in Costa Rica that better preserves its culture.

The Fiesta de los Diablitos is celebrated every end of the year in the community of Boruca, and many visitors come to share the celebration, nowadays the visitation of tourists to the community of Boruca has become an important source of the local economy. As well companies and organizations support the indigenous community in their struggle to rescue their roots.

In the present Boruca is a booming community and proudly displays the testimony of its racial, historical and cultural background.


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