Boruca, Osa, indigenous communities of Costa Rica


In the Talamanca mountains, in the southern part of Costa Rica, the Borucas indigenous people, still live a relative isolated life. Their daily life reflects
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Terraba Sierpe Mangrove

"The mangrove is a biotic area or biome, formed by trees very tolerant to the salts existing in the intertidal zone near the mouth of
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Stone spheres of Costa Rica

Sites with Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

The stone spheres in Costa Rica are unique in the world, and are found in the majority of the Diquis Valley in the South Pacific
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Isla del Caño, Tours en Osa, Costa Rica Tours,

Cano Island Biological Reserve

The Caño Island Biological Reserve, located in Osa, South Pacific of Costa Rica, is home to the largest coral reef in the Costa Rican Pacific
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Visit Corcovado

The South Pacific of Costa Rica is a spectacular and diverse destination, in a close radius the traveler has at hand a great amount of
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Osa is a magical place, Osa es un destino mágico

Osa is a magical place

Osa is a magical destination, where nature abounds, you´ll find here countless animals of all species, including a large number of birds, making it an
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